The 420 Deal 

Whats in the package deal?

.1 x pack 600mg CBD Patches

.1 x 500mg 10ml bottle oil drops

.1 x 500mg roll on relief


What’s in the Bundle?

New to CBD? Say no more! Our CBD starter Bundle is the perfect way to start your voyage into the CBD World. This bundle comes with everything you need to familiarize yourself with our best-selling products before you set out on your own as a CBD connoisseur. This bundle includes: (1) 500mg CBD massage oil (1) Choice | 500mg CBD origal oil or 500mg peppermint CBD oil


Inside The Bundle

Our 500mg Golden Hemp Roll on Relief massage oil delivers a soothing and fast-acting results right where you need it most. To all of our athletes and fitness enthusiasts, recovering just got easier. Using it is easy– simply apply the oil to the affected area massage in and you are set. At 420 CBD Range, we’re all about options. Our oils offer natural support to promote wellness naturally. Our 500mg 420 Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in natural or Peppermint flavors and you get to choose which one you want in your bundle.


Why Buy The Starter Bundle?

We understand that newcomers are not yet familiar with our products and may want to try different methods before committing to one. Our Starter Bundle makes it easy to get started on your CBD journey with three of our best-selling products which are easy to use and convenient for new users.

The 420 Deal

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