CBD Distillate Pre filled Vape Cartridge A True Full spectrum legal CBD Distillate pre-filled vape cartridge with added natural terpenes for a more enhanced flavour. NO PG,VG,VEG or MCT oil!!






At lease .5g in a Ccell cartridge Premium FULL SPECTRUM DISTILLATE OIL


Full Spectrum CBD Distillate Oil looking to vape? This Full Spectrum Distillate Oil combines a high concentration of non-psychoactive, hemp-derived cannabinoids with the practical benefit in a pre-filled vape cartridge, which makes the oil perfectly suited for those looking for a convenient disctreet way to administer CBD. A Unique Cannabinoid Blend This honey colored liquid distillate features a 45-55% concentration of cannabidiol (CBD). On top of that, it includes other, rarer cannabinoids like Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabichromene (CBC). This gives the product 70-83% distribution of active cannabinoids.Non-Psychoactive! The only thing high in this distillate oil is the unique concentration of non-psychoactive cannabinoids which means that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD oil without altering your mental state.


Derived from Organically Cultivated Hemp. This 100% natural hemp product is non-GMO and has passed third-party tests verifying its safety and quality.

Product Specs; Broad Spectrum CBD Range: 45%-54% Total cannabinoids Range: 80% Organically Cultivated, 100% Natural Hemp Shelf life: 12 months Ccell Cartridge For best results, this oil should be stored in a cool, dark location.This phytocannabinoid-rich distillate is perfect for vape cartridges . The product is shipped in a pre-filled half a gram  vape cartridge and will be at your doorstep in [3-5 business days].

Ready to start vaping?Our Premium cbd Distillate Oil is just £34.99 for 0.5 gram and comes in a pre-filled Ccell cartridge ready to screw on to your battery with a 510 thread

CBD Distillate Vape cartridge .5g

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  • What is distillate CBD? CBD distillate is a high concentrate of CBD hemp that has gone through a process of distillation to remove THC while working to keep as much or as little of the other cannabinoids and terpenes as possible in the concentrate. ... - Terpenes/Flavonoids.

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