Cannabidiol (CBD) to get your Hangover eliminated

CBD can be an excellent all-natural anti-hangover remedy for hangovers. And, with more than a quarter of Britons drinking enough to get a hangover at least once a month, there's something everyone can probably learn.

Although not (excessively) drinking is the best thing you can do to prevent a hangover, cannabidiol has been shown to be able to combat symptoms such as headaches and nausea. Yet, above all, Some of the cell damage caused by alcohol in brain and liver tissue may also be restored.

When you over-drink and have a compromised balance of health as a result, CBD will restore homeostasis and you will feel better.

In 2017, 7,697 alcohol-specific deaths occurred in the UK (approximately 12.2 per 100,000 people). This has been the highest level since 2008. There are an estimated 589,101 dependent drinkers in England (2016/17), 81.7% of whom do not have access to treatment. Alcohol Change UK

The NIAAA defines binge drinking as a drinking pattern that brings the concentration of blood alcohol (BAC) to a certain level within two hours. Usually this number is four women's drinks and five men's drinks. In addition, it is classified as heavy alcohol use if you are binge drinking on five or more occasions a month.

According to the British government's guidelines on drug consumption, "there is no such thing as a safe level of alcohol."

The government establishes a direct link between alcohol use and cancer in the aforementioned British guideline. The new plan has drastically reduced the weekly safe level people should not exceed. In addition, it is important to spread consumption over at least three days.

Basically, you're already beyond the safe limit if you drink enough to get a hangover. British get three times as many hangovers in their twenties as those in their forties, yet they drink only half as much. Thus, they fall into the category of risk.

Cannabidiol (CBD) to cure the Hangover

There is more to a hangover than dehydration. This triggers a mild swelling of the brain and liver when you drink alcohol. The swelling of the brain leads to the pain from dehydration.

When you drink too much, the sick feeling or vomiting you often experience is the result of an overloaded liver. If the detoxification of alcohol is not possible for your liver, your blood sugar drops and you feel sick.


In 1998, a laboratory test showed that CBD and THC are strong antioxidants that protect the cells from free radicals. This was confirmed by a laboratory test in 2010. In addition, the test determined that inflammation and cell death, myocardial dysfunction and cardiac fibrosis were attenuated by CBD.

In 2014, there was a similar laboratory experiment studying the effects of CBD on excessive alcohol consumption.

CBD injection therapy resulted in a 50.6% decrease in neurodegeneration due to the excessive effects of alcohol intake

Two CBD delivery systems were compared to the experiment, both of which showed very similar results. They also used a gel as a transdermal delivery process in addition to the above-mentioned injection procedure (IP). This resulted in a decline of 48.8 percent.

For Parkinson's, a 2015 study on CBD neuroprotection suggested that CBD has a neurorestorative potential that could protect Parkinson's patients from neurotoxins. Although Parkinson's was the focus of this study, it proved the ability of CBD to restore brain cells.

Results of research conducted in 2016 confirmed cannabidiol long-established migraine and headache calming effects.

Clinical trials

Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim presented a BBC documentary on alcohol in 2016, entitled "The Alcohol Truth." He has been analysing the new guidelines for 2016. In addition, together with the hangover expert Dr. Richard Stevens, he conducted a case study on hangover remedies.

There were 18 people involved in their case study, divided into three groups to test two remedies for hangover. One of the groups wasn't able to try anything to reduce their hangovers. Only borage seed oil showed any significant effects between a good fried breakfast and borage seed oil.

Half of the borage group did not have a hangover, whereas almost everyone in the other two groups did. Dr. Stevens explained that due to the anti-inflammatory effects of borage, these results were achieved.

Although you probably know that cannabis, especially CBD, also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it should not be surprising that CBD is able to cure your hangover.

Studies of anecdotal nature

On the internet there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that CBD helps to ease or prevent hangovers. You will find many storeys of people confirming that it worked for them on blogs and forums.

I really like this guy's storey which took just 15 mg of CBD in the morning for his stress and anxiety. The CBD lifted his mood and that night he drank too much and as a result he was really drunk. All the same, He wasn't hungover the next day, to his surprise.

CBD Hangovers oil dosage

What we've seen from medical conditions, including pain and migraines, is that the dose is determined by the severity of the condition, pain or migraine. The harder the condition, of course, the more CBD oil you need to take.

An average daily CBD dose of maintenance is about 25 mg daily. For light hangovers, therefore, we recommend starting with that. You might want to double this to 50 mg if you're completely drunk and hungover.

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