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Benefits of CBD oil

CBD True Stories From Real People

To help get a clear view of CBD oils and its success it's good to read and research the true stories of real people.

It works well for a high percentage of our customers but has also proven not to work for everyone, it is however difficult to calculate accurately without full lab test conditions.

There are plenty of tests you can look up online, but be wary of where the information is coming from. In the real world some people do tend to forget to take the correct dosage, maybe not follow instructions and so on, so it is always important to carry out your own tests correctly then come to your own conclusions.

"CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep"

Harvard Medical School

True story one

This is a very recent and amazing story from a young lady who has suffered with psoriasis for years.

The boys were really knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve been using the cbd cream 500mg for 2 weeks... I have psoriasis which was spreading rapidly making me depressed and taking over my life, this cream was a last resort for me. I am so glad I tried it! The photos are 2 examples of areas the cream has helped, the first image is the area on my arm that has totally cleared was a combination of both a strong steroid (from the doctor) and the cbd, the worst area on my leg which is the second area - healing slowly but much much better and is from using cbd only and no steroid.
The cream has controlled the pain, discomfort and itching. Some areas of my skin still need the steroid but previously alone steroid wasn’t working, combined with the cbd it’s really made a difference! Cannot recommend the cream enough!

Leanne Davies 28 February 2019

True Story Two

I have been using cbd oil for the menopause for about 4 months now & all I can say is BRILLIANT. I have never felt better in myself & haven't used hrt patches for this period of time. I also use the roll on relief for a small patch of psoriasis & again, works brilliantly. The staff are very pleasant & extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend a visit there if you feel you need help & guidance

Miss Davies-Lees 10 Jan 2020

True Story Three

Carrie-ann Lewis Denatale

30 August 2019

I have been having severe headaches that tablets don't touch. A friend recommended cbd oil. I decided to give it a try, the cafe was welcoming and the staff were very helpful and full of knowledge.

It is the best money I have spent, it really has worked and I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering and struggling to find a remedy for their ailments.

Thank you so much it has made such a difference to my life.

True Story Four

I visited 420 today with my mum in her 70's who is riddled with arthritis, over the last 2/3 weeks it's got very severe and causing a lot of pain to the point she is on two crutches and hardly able to walk, we even took her to A&E sunday.
Today we took her to 420 and had a good chat with a young man (sorry didn't get your name) explained about mum's problems and got good knowledgeable information about what would be best for mum, we had a lovely coffee with some oil added to see how it would go for mum.
We arrived with mum all hunched over and shuffling to walk and hardly able to walk, 20 minutes to 1/2 he later after enjoying the coffee and being given very friendly advice we got up to leave , with mum being able to rise out of the chair unaided , she was much more upright and not hunched over her walking was improved to more of a stride and able to lift her feet more easily, she was able to get into the car much better than when I picked her up, she has since gone home and taken the oil as suggested by 420 and when I called her this evening to see how she was doing she sounded so much more happy in herself telling me she is moving more freely and in less pain than she has been in the past 3 weeks even with taking strong prescribed painkillers.
she has since cut today's dose of painkillers in half as she felt no need to use them, she has been able to stand freely for half hour throwing her dogs you for him and feeling much more happy .
Kevin Pearce

11 September 2019


Although due to restrictions we cannot endorse these claims, we can however share them with you, helping you make up your own mind about CBD.

If you are unsure at all please consult your doctor

These are all genuine stories from people who have used our product in various forms.

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