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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occurring chemical found in hemp plants. It’s currently being thoroughly studied by researchers all over the world.


CBD is defined as a phyto-cannabinoid, which means that it’s produced by plants. This chemical has a similar structure as anandamide, which is a cannabinoid produced by processes within the human body.


Please let us stop you right there. We aren’t doctors, and we certainly can’t prescribe or recommend CBD products for ailments or illnesses.

What is the difference between FULL SPECTRUM CBD and ISOLATED CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD is typically made up of equal amounts of multiple cannabinoids, usually each at around 5%, meaning that although full spectrum is CBD in it’s purest form, it doesn’t have the rich CBD content like Rich Hemp Extract, which contains around 85-89% CBD.


 A full spectrum CBD is an extracted organic paste that contains CBD, other cannabinoids, lipids, flavonoids, terpenoids and other natural byproducts of plant growth. The exact makeup of a full spectrum CBD depends on the plant in question, leading to entirely different ratios from week to week, crop to crop and even batch to batch. Isolate CBD takes that full spectrum paste and isolates the CBD to remove all of the additional compounds. What’s left is an organic powder that’s almost entirely pure.


We only use Isolate in our Eliquid Range, our range of Tongue Drops are Full Spectrum CBD.

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