Welcome to the 420 Range 

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We are two brothers who started using CBD products a few years ago and noticed when searching the internet it was  really hard to find a wide range of products in one place, we  also noticed that other retailers didn’t seem to disclose much information regarding the products they sold.


 Our aim was to take away the stigma surrounding CBD, so we set out to produce a wide range of quality products along with educating ourselves and customers to try and change the way people look at Cannabidiol.


Once we had established a range of products we decided to set up base in Caerphilly where we wanted to engage with our customers. It’s great to hear about how they use CBD and what experiences they’ve had, so please feel free to share this with us when you come visit us.


We believe that we are the 1st and only to shop in the UK to combine a wide range of quality CBD products alongside headshop products and imported drinks & snacks from Holland and America.


 At our facility in Caerphilly we welcome the public to come to our coffee shop and try a custom milkshakes with a shot of CBD before committing to buy any products. We hope that they can then see 1st hand that they will not ‘get’ high and that there is also multiple ways to take CBD.


 You can also enjoy more concentrated CBD products like high terpene shatter/wax & crumble & High terpene Distillates, but alternatively if you just want a regular coffee or snack pop in store and come visit us.

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